You can use the Mark as Hired button on an applicant's profile in Hiring to import key fields from the applicant's profile and begin the employee onboarding process in PrismHR. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to onboard a new hire via the Job Candidates section of PrismHR. 


Mark an Applicant as Hired and Begin the Employee Onboarding Process


1. Open up the applicant's profile in PrismHR Hiring by clicking on the View Applicant button.


2. When the Application Viewer opens up, click on the Mark as Hired button.


3. Set the applicant's Hire Date and Start Date and click on the Save button. (Note: You will be able to edit the Hire date in PrismHR.)


You'll see a confirmation pop up box letting you know that the applicant's data has been sent to the Job Applicants menu and is ready to be set up as a new hire.


4. In your PrismHR account, go to HR and click on Job Candidates.


5. Click on Candidate Number to search for the hired applicant.

6. Select the hired applicant from the list by clicking on the applicant's last name or entering a row number in the field below. Notice that the applicant's information is pre-populated into the form.

7. Go to the Action Menu and select HireAfter selecting hire as seen above, the New Hire screen will launch with the candidate's information. After completing the New Hire form, the process is complete. Note that if you are using Onboarding, you can simply select the proper option as you would during the typical new hire process.