PrismHR Hiring customers on certain plans can generate an active jobs report that will provide a list of jobs that were active for more than 24 hours in any given calendar month. At the end of each calendar month, that month's job report will become available in the dropdown menu. This individualizes the reporting and takes the middle man out of the process so users can get the data they need right away.

Here's how it works...

For Individual Clients

From anywhere in the Hiring system, click on Reports at the top of the screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Active Job Reports button and select the report month you want to download. Scroll down for detail on what fields are included in the report.

For PEOs

Go to the Hiring Dashboard menu item from HR Action in Prism or HRP WE when logged in as a super user. Click on the Active Job Reports button and select the report month you want to download. This report will contain the same fields indicated below, but for all of the PEO's clients. 

For Individual Clients & PEOs

The report will include the following job fields in the csv download:

  • Company Name
  • Site URL
  • Plan Level
  • PEO ID
  • PEO Name
  • Chargify Customer ID
  • Chargify Subscription ID
  • Job ID
  • Job Title
  • Job Code
  • Job Site Name
  • Last Posted At
  • Last Archived At