As a PEO, you need to have information about your clients' hiring activity in a centrally located area so you are better equipped to support your clients. We have created a PEO Hiring Dashboard for that very purpose. It provides your super user team with hiring KPIs and active job reporting across all of your clients. Here is what you'll see and below you will find instructions on how to enable access to this handy reporting tool in HRP WE.

Enable Access to the PEO Hiring Dashboard in HRP WE

1. Create a menu definition

  • Go to System Administration > File > Web Administration > Menu Definition
  • Fill in the fields provided as follows:

2. Make sure your superuser configuration contains the email address set up in Hiring. The email address associated with your Hiring account is the one you use to log in (your username). Any Admin on your account can help you find your email address (user name). Click here for more info.

3. Add the Hiring Dashboard menu to the menu structure of a manager user on HRPweb that you can use to inherit menus from and then assign the menu structure to the appropriate Superuser Configuration.

Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to access your new PEO Hiring Dashboard by going to HR Action and clicking on the Hiring Dashboard option.