Here is a handy Job Posting Checklist so you can be sure to include all the important details in your next job posting.

When creating a job description, follow this checklist to ensure you’re attracting great talent: 

  • Company Description: A job posting should include a description of your company. Candidates want to know if this is a place they’re interested in working. 

  • Benefits: Include a brief summary of benefits like vacation, retirement and insurance packages. And if you offer any other perks, mention them here.

  • Job Title: Make sure the job title is descriptive and is clear to someone outside your organization. Avoid using language that only has meaning within your organization. 

  • Responsibilities: Include a general overview of what the person will do day to day. This is your opportunity to “sell” the job to applicants. 

  • Skills: List skills that are absolutely required for the job, then add “nice to have” skills separately. 

  • Experience and Training: Any necessary education, training or certifications should be listed. 

  • Pay Range: Research shows that two-thirds of candidates will not apply to postings that do not provide some basic salary information. 

  • Formatting: Format the job description using bold text and bullets to draw attention. Make sure your posting is brief and to the point. 

  • Review: Have someone else in your organization review and provide feedback. Also make sure you’ve eliminated jargon that will not be easy for job seekers to understand