1) Find the applicant with whom you would like to communicate. For more info on how to search for applicants, click here.

2) Click on the select action button next to the applicant and select Send "Thanks but No Thanks" from the dropdown menu.

3) Make any edits you want to the Thanks But No Thanks email by clicking in the Template, Subject, and/or Message boxes. You may also upload files. Afterwards, click on the Send Message button.

What happens next:

  • The "Thanks But No Thanks" message will be emailed to your Applicant.
  • A record of the message will be stored as a note in the Notes tab of the Application Viewer.
  • Your Applicant will be Archived, which means the Applicant will be moved to the Archived Applicants tab and TBNT Sent will be noted. A record of the change in status to Archived will also appear in the Application Viewer on the Notes tab. The Applicant will still show up in search results.

Want to make edits to your "Thanks But No Thanks" email template? Click here for instructions.