You can set your account up to automatically email out alerts to job seekers who opt in to receive notifications of future openings. When an applicant applies using your application form, they can click the alerts box to receive these job alerts. Job seekers can also sign up to receive these alerts from either the job posting page or your careers page. The default setting for this feature is ON.

To Disable Job Alerts:

1. Click on Account Details from the drop down menu next to Your Account at the top right side of the page.

2. Scroll down to the Customize & Design section and click on the Notifications button.

3.  Scroll down the page and set the Notify Applicants of New Jobs toggle switch to OFF to disable it.


To reverse this process, simply toggle the switch back to ON to enable new job notifications to applicants.

You can also see results of the New Job notification response rates on your Reports page.