Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. We understand that hiring managers can get sick and tired of wasting time and energy on the same applicant who keeps applying to the same position again and again. That's why we created the Allow Duplicate Applicants toggle switch on the job posting Edit/Create page. The power to allow or disallow duplicate applications is now right where it your capable hands. 

To turn On or Off the Allow Duplicate Applicants setting on a job posting:

1. Click on the dropdown menu next to the job posting title and select Edit Job

job title drop down menu.jpg

2. Scroll down and click Advanced Options. Find Hide Listing: and click on the On/Off toggle switch (see screenshot below) to either turn on or turn off the Allow Duplicate Applicants setting for that job posting (Off disallows duplicate applications)

3. Click on the Save and Continue button to save your changes

Applicants will now be unable to submit more than one application to this job posting. Note: duplicate applications are recognized by the applicant's email address.

What do applicants see when you have the Allow Duplicate Applicants disabled and an applicant tries to apply for the same job more than once using the same email address? They'll see the following friendly notification alerting them to the fact that they have already applied.