You can customize your application form to collect applicants' address information in a standardized format. This setting defaults to being turned off, but it's quick and easy to turn it on (as long as you are an Admin level or Account Owner level user).

Turn On Address Collection 

1. On the Account Details page, click on the Applications icon under the Customize & Design group.

2. Click the On/Off toggle switch to the ON position to enable address collection on your application form.

3. If you want to make the address collection fields Required on your application form, slide the ON/OFF toggle switch to the ON position under the Require Address section (the Collect Address toggle must also be ON).

Where the Address Fields Show Up:

A) On your application form: 

B) On the applicant's profile in Application Viewer:

C) On the Print View of the application.

D) In the Applicant Download file (csv).

Turn Off Address Collection 

Follow the steps above, but in steps 2 and 3, slide the ON/OFF toggle switch to the OFF position.