Workflows enable you to define an approval process for new job requisitions and/or offer letters. There are two ways to create an approval workflow: 1) define a global workflow that applies to all approvals or 2) enable a user-defined workflow whereby the requesting user can create the workflow at the time of the request. For information about the 1st option, click here. In this article, you will learn about the 2nd option, the user-defined workflow, and how it applies to offer letters.

User Defined Workflow allows a requesting user to create a workflow by manually entering the email addresses of known approvers when creating and sending an Offer Letter. In order to view or manage your account's Workflow settings, you must have permission to Manage Account Details

To access the User Defined Workflow toggle switch, go to Account Listings > Workflow. Scroll down to the Approvals section. Switch the Offer Letter toggle to ON.

The Offer Letter Options section containing the User Defined toggle switch will display. To turn on Enable user defined workflow, simply toggle the switch to ON.

Once enabled, users preparing offer letters to be sent out to an applicant will be prompted during the offer letter creation process to enter the email address for an approver(s). Click here for more information on how to send an offer letter.

Here is what the requesting user will see when the offer letter is completed and ready to send out for approval: 

When you have entered an email address for an approver, click on the Create option prompt

Once finished adding reviewers, click Done Adding Approvers. Each approver will receive an email notification with details about the offer letter. The approver can approve the offer or reject it. With a rejection, an approver will have an option to provide a rejection reason that will be visible to the requesting user. 

The requesting user will be notified once all approvers have either approved or denied approval.