We have what we refer to as a Staffing/Multisite Version of our applicant tracking software. Ok, so what is that? What does it do? In a nutshell, the Staffing/Multisite Version of our software enables users to:

  • Manage recruiting efforts across multiple clients/entities/locations/subsidiaries (referred to simply as "entities" from here on out) from a single account.
  • Create customized, fully-branded career pages for each entity.
  • Allow users from those various entities to access only those job postings and applicants that they should have permissions to see. 
  • Take advantage of real-time activity reports across various entities. 
  • Report on recruiting activity across all entities or a specific entity.

Need some help figuring out if the Staffing/Multisite Version is right for you? Would you like more information on pricing? Get in touch with our Support Team by creating a new ticket and we'll happily get you the information you need.