The Jobs Widget is a snippet of code that allows you to put the active job postings in your account right onto your company careers page. If you have the Staffing/Multisite Version of our software, you just need to swap out the site URL in the Jobs Widget in order to limit the job postings being pulled in to only one of your sites. If you don't have the Clients & Sites feature and would like to get it, just create a new support ticket and let us know!


How to Use the Jobs Widget with Clients & Sites

1. Go to Your Account and select Account Details from the dropdown menu.

2. Click on the Embeddable Jobs Widget icon in the Integrate section.


3. There are 3 widget types available for your use. Pick the one you want and simply replace the site URL in quotes in the field ht_settings.site_url = "gadgetco" in the code with the site URL of the Clients & Sites whose job postings you want to display. Then, copy the entire snippet of code and paste it into your company careers page. Once published, the widget will display the active postings in your account for that site only onto the web page on which it resides.


For example, if you want to use the Listings Widget, you'll find the field ht_settings.site_url located on the fourth row of code from the top. Where you see your company's unique site url in quotes, replace the site url in quotes with the site url of the company in your Clients & Sites listing that you want to pull job listings for. If your company's name is GadgetCo and your site url is gadgetco, and you want to pull job listings for one of your Clients & Sites companies called WidgetCo whose site url is widgetco, you would just replace the gadgetco in quotes with widgetco, like this:


ht_settings.site_url = "gadgetco" --> ht_settings.site_url = "widgetco"


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